The majority of Bride and Grooms getting married are often doing so for the first time. Following a visit with a photographer, they can often walk away scratching their heads over the range of albums available. As a Yorkshire wedding photographer, we know just how many different types, styles and options there are out there so to help Bride and Grooms a little, I thought I would write this blog post to hopefully help clear the fog away a little. Below are just a few of the wedding albums we can supply to our clients. Always ask your photographer how much album upgrades will cost BEFORE the wedding as photographers may charge a substantial amount for album upgrades or additions.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books, story books, magazine style albums, digital albums, GraphiStudio book, Bellissimo – they are called many things but all follow the same basic format – your wedding images are printed directly onto the page of a book. The book may or may not come with a dust cover, may or may not have an image on the front or may even have a perspex, leather, metal or timber front cover, but all coffee table style books follow the same basic principles. Most photographers include a set number of photographs and pages as part of your package cost, but you may well want more in your album.

The arrival of digital photography means that the coffee table book has become easier to create for photographers and most photographers, where a coffee table book is in your wedding photography package, will factor in a certain amount of pages and images to go into your book as part of your package. Coffee table type albums can though be upgraded to feature more pages and more images, obviously at a cost. Album design times can range from a few hours for a small book, to many weeks / months for a larger, more complex book.

The reason is that if they are sat in front of a computer, they are then not actually out shooting. Album designs can be designed by the photographer or by using the album manufacturers own template based software. In recent years, template based album design software has improved dramatically. In years gone by, many albums looked the same as templates were limited in number and photographers only had a small amount of options available to them. The album manufacturers are now correcting this and increasing the number of templates available to your photographer. Many photographers though prefer to either design the albums themselves for the personal touch, or outsource them to an album design company.

The range of quality of coffee table books is huge. Some cost as little as 50 to complete whilst others cost many hundreds of pounds. Obviously the total amount of pages in the book has a direct impact on the cost but also the actual quality of the book itself must be checked. Some album providers prefer to keep the costs down for the photographer so as to maximise the profit and this can result in a very low quality album that may not stand the test of time. Ask your photographer who his/her coffee table book supplier is (if this album is part of your package) then go do a search on the internet for the manufacturer.

Traditional Matted Albums

Traditional or matted albums generally have an actual photograph taped to a mat or mount and then this is stuck to a page in an album. The mat is a bit like a frame that goes around the image, and sometimes has a keyline on the inside (a different colour to the actual mat itself) or may have a bevelled edge. This protects the photographs from touching when the album is closed and also presents the photograph nicely. Traditional matted albums generally come with 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 pages with each page having two photographs on, one on each side, so a 25 page album will most likely accept 50 images.

The range of traditional matted albums is massive with many suppliers around the world having a substantial range to choose from. Each photographer though may choose to only use one manufacturer, and then only offer a small selection of albums from that manufacturers range. With some albums you can have a single large image in the middle of the page, or multiple images spread across the page that can vary in size.
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